Our Team

Rachel Drew

Founder & CEO

After losing her mom, Rachel quickly discovered the challenges of dealing with an estate. The process was time-consuming, stressful, and felt like a harsh reminder of what was lost. Cadence was built to solve the various problems executors, family members and estate professionals face.

Rachel is a Juris Doctor Candidate, a Certified Executor Advisor and a long-time hospice care volunteer who is dedicated to making the end-of-life documentation process simple.

“Death is something we will all inevitably face. I am dedicated to supporting people through this process with compassion, care, and empathy.”

Rachelle Perron

Co-founder & COO

Rachelle is an experienced Registered Nurse and Certified Executor Advisor who is currently completing a Master of Health Informatics at the University of Toronto.

Before joining Cadence, Rachelle led a variety of digital health projects. She is inspired to build compassionate products that challenge outdated processes and make life easier for people.

“Grieving the loss of a loved one can be very disorienting and confusing. Paperwork shouldn’t make this worse. I am committed to making this process as simple as it can be, so families can focus on what matters most.”