Our Team

Rachel Drew

Founder & CEO

After losing her mom, Rachel quickly discovered the challenges of dealing with an estate. The process was time-consuming, stressful, and felt like a harsh reminder of what was lost. Cadence was built to solve the various problems executors, family members and estate professionals face.

Rachel is a Juris Doctor Candidate, a Certified Executor Advisor and a long-time hospice care volunteer who is dedicated to making the end-of-life documentation process simple.

“Death is something we will all inevitably face. I am dedicated to supporting people through this process with compassion, care, and empathy.”

Rachelle Perron

Co-founder & COO

Rachelle is an experienced Registered Nurse and Certified Executor Advisor, with a Masters of Health Informatics from the University of Toronto. Working with families at the end-of-life over the last decade has given her a deep understanding of how difficult the bereavement period can be, particularly when plans aren't in place or families don't have the support they need.

Before joining Cadence, Rachelle led a variety of digital health projects addressing the social determinants of health. She is inspired to build compassionate products that challenge outdated processes and make life easier for people.

“Grieving the loss of a loved one can be very disorienting and confusing. Paperwork shouldn’t make this worse. I am committed to making this process as simple as it can be, so families can focus on what matters most.”

Krystian Olszanski

Co-founder & CTO

Krystian has many years of experience in software engineering and technical leadership. He has been part of successful ventures through various stages of business growth and a mentor for many technology-based startups as part of a tech incubator.

Prior to joining Cadence, Krystian worked on scaling a multi-product software platform to over 20 developing countries, dedicated to improving the quality of life of those who do not have access to basic IT services.

"I wish a product like ours existed when I lost my dad. I'm determined to make Cadence available to anyone experiencing a loss and grief."

Carly Koshman

Certified Executor Advisor

Jory Cooper

Software Engineer

Kathrina Mazurik

UI/UX Researcher


Drew Davies

Privacy & Security Engineer
brett zabos

Brett Zabos 

 Software Engineer

Jesse Evans

Head Of Customer Success