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The Story of Cadence

December 14, 2014, was the day my mom died. I sat by her side at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, tears streaming down my face. I told her how much I loved her and left her with a kiss and gentle embrace. My heart broke as I said my last goodbye. I still needed her. I was not ready to let her go. As it goes with mortality, we do not have a choice. She was gone.

What Is Probate and Do I Need It?

Probate refers to a court-supervised process for administering an estate and distributing the proceeds of the estate. Letters Probate formally recognizes that a Will is valid and that an estate representative is entitled to deal with the estate. The process can take up to one year to complete.

Find your local probate court in Canada

The local courthouse that administers applications for probate can be a wealth of knowledge. Therefore, we have provided links to all Canadian provincial and territorial offices for you.

Can’t find a will? This is what happens.

It is important to note what happens to the deceased’s assets when there is no Will. If there is no Will or the Will is not valid, the person is considered to have died “intestate.” This means there are no instructions the family can follow to distribute the estate. As a result, each province/territory has specific laws that deal with these situations.

Can’t Find a Will or Unsure if It Exists? Here’s What To Do.

If someone dies without a Will, it is referred to as dying “intestate”. If you are unsure of the existence of a Will, or know it exists but cannot find it, you must do your best to try and locate one. The absence of a Will can have a big impact on estate administration.

I found the will. How do I know if it is valid?

Now that you found the Will, you need to confirm the Will is valid. A Will needs to be valid to carry out the wishes of the deceased. Typically for Wills to be valid they require signatures of two witnesses (not a named estate representative, spouse, or beneficiary), the date, and the testator’s signature at the end of the Will.

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

Due to COVID-19, awareness of grief is on the rise. This is a subject that is skirted by many but cannot be ignored in our present situation. How can friends and family give sincere and meaningful help to bereaved relatives, friends, and neighbors?

How to Notify Facebook After a Death

What happens to someone’s Facebook account when they pass away? With the closure of a Facebook account, the deceased’s account can be removed or memorialized.

How To Redirect Mail after a Death

Forwarding or redirecting mail after a death should be taken care of as soon as possible, as there may be information sent that requires your immediate attention.

Where to Find Proof of Death in Canada

Proof of death is required to deal with the majority of estate matters. Proof can come in various forms. Below is an explanation of the types of proof of death, some examples of when it may be required, and where they can be obtained.