Cadence Aftercare Concierge

Improve client satisfaction by offering premier aftercare.

After the funeral ends, your families can feel unsure about what to do next. Cadence allows you to provide the extra support they need on the road ahead.

What we do

Cadence is an aftercare concierge service built to empower bereaved families by organizing, streamlining and automating the final documents process. 

After assessing your client’s unique situation, we prepare the necessary documentation and provide personalized estate settlement guidance. Our experts are available by phone or chat to answer questions and help clients tackle hard-to-do tasks.

We offer a self-serve software platform or a one-on-one support service with an expert, allowing clients to choose the level of interaction they are comfortable with.  

Some of the documents we prepare include:

Government Applications  and Notifications

Subscription and Account Closures

Insurance and Pension Claims

Credit Bureau Notifications

Mail Forwarding

Why choose us?

  Brand Loyalty

Families will be deeply grateful for the support they receive after the funeral, and won't think twice coming back to your business in the future. 


Satisfied clients are happy to share their positive experience with your funeral home online and with their family and friends. 

  Competitive Edge

Providing cutting-edge aftercare services with Cadence makes your business a clear choice to clients.

  Increased Revenue

Partnering with Cadence provides a profitable opportunity for your funeral home.


Helping you do what you do best 

We compliment the honourable work you are doing every day to help families through some of the most difficult times of their lives. 

Acting as an extension of your funeral home, we combine technology and compassionate human support to assist families with the emotional and logistical challenges that come after the funeral.  

Partnership packages for funeral homes

We offer flexible partnership options based on your business preferences and goals.

Referral Partnership

  • Custom referral website
  • Client print material provided
  • 10% discount code for referred clients
  • 10% referral incentive for each sale

Funeral Home Branded Platform

  • Custom branded platform and print material
  • Simple client invitation process
  • Increased per sale revenue with custom price setting
  • Client correspondence personalized to your brand