Improve client satisfaction by offering an estate settlement solution

Estate settlement is complex and there is not enough guidance available to grieving families. When you offer your clients a tool to help with the road ahead, they feel a sense of care that makes an impact.

We help your clients:


Discover supports and tools specific to your client's situation, including:

  • Available benefits and financial supports
  • Important tasks and timelines
  • Information and resources


Simplify the tasks involved in completing death notification paperwork:

  • Reduce administration time by 98%
  • Avoid repetition of work through form automation
  • Manage the distribution of completed forms


Collaborate with everyone involved to ensure efficient communication:

  • Create a support team
  • Share responsibilities
  • Work with professionals

Why choose us?

Cadence is a simple software solution that streamlines and automates your client's final documents process, along with building them a custom estate settlement guide.


  1. Cadence assesses your client’s unique situation through a simple questionnaire
  2. Cadence recommends important benefits and tasks
  3. Your client fills in the necessary information
  4. Cadence auto-fills and distributes hundreds of notification, application, and cancellation forms
  5. Your client receives a custom estate settlement guide


We offer a do-it-yourself software package or one-on-one executor advice with one of our experts, letting your client choose their level of interaction.

Our compassionate, live concierge team is available to answer questions and help clients tackle hard-to-do tasks. 

Some of the documents we prepare include:

Government Applications,
Notifications &

Subscription and Account Closures

Insurance and Pension Claims

Credit Bureau Notifications

Mail Forwarding

Helping you do what you do best

We work with professionals and businesses who support clients with estate planning and estate administration. Giving your clients access to Cadence allows you to focus on your specialized services while knowing they are receiving the guidance they need to settle their loved one’s affairs.

We've worked with a range of professionals, including:

  • Funeral service providers
  • Lawyers
  • Financial advisors and institutions
  • Bereavement specialists
  • Executor advisors
  • Insurance brokers

Why choose us?

  Brand Loyalty

Your clients will recognize Cadence as an extension of your brand.

They will be deeply grateful you took an extra step to make them feel cared for, becoming lifelong clients and sharing positive reviews.

  Expert Support

By providing accurate and reliable information and access to a team of estate settlement experts, you can trust that your clients will be well supported.

  Competitive Edge

Providing cutting-edge aftercare services makes your business a clear choice to clients.

  Increased Revenue

Partnering with Cadence provides a profitable opportunity for your funeral home.