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Helping businesses improve customer satisfaction

Our specialized software helps funeral services and other estate professionals add value and increase efficiencies to better serve their clients.

Cadence guides professionals through the death notification process and simplifies the necessary paperwork. We help you:


Discover supports and tools specific to your client's situation, including:

  • Available benefits and financial supports
  • Important tasks and timelines
  • Information and resources


Simplify the tasks involved in completing death notification paperwork:

  • Reduce administration time by 98%
  • Avoid repetition of work through form automation
  • Manage the distribution of completed forms


Collaborate with everyone involved to ensure efficient communication:

  • Invite client and family members to contribute
  • Virtual case management
  • Work with other professionals

Some of the documents we prepare include:

Government Applications,
Notifications &

Subscription and Account Closures

Insurance and Pension Claims

Credit Bureau Notifications

Mail Forwarding

Why choose us?

Our software is a great addition to many businesses and services that help people through the estate settlement process.

Incorporating the Cadence software package into your daily operations has a variety of benefits that promote success:
  • Increase profit by reducing manual administration time and providing a new or improved service to clients
  • Improve customer satisfaction by maximizing benefits and preventing costly mistakes
  • Support clients remotely
  • Simplify employee training and new employee onboarding

Simple software for a complex process

Our software package helps you streamline the services you provide and enhances your workflow through helpful features such as:
  • Streamlined client intake and personalized guidance
  • Online collaboration with clients
  • Multiple case management dashboard for progress tracking

Helping you do what you do best

We serve professionals and businesses who work with clients at the end-of-life and during the estate settlement process. We provide onboarding assistance and ongoing support to our professional clients.

We've worked with a range of professionals, including:

  • Funeral service providers
  • Lawyers
  • Financial advisors and institutions
  • Bereavement specialists
  • Executor advisors
  • Insurance brokers