Frequently asked questions

What does Cadence do?

Cadence will guide you through the estate settlement process and help you complete relevant applications, notifications and cancellations. You only have to provide information once and we'll use it to fill in all the forms and letters. We will analyze your unique situation to provide personalized task and document recommendations.

We offer a do-it-yourself software solution, as well as a one-on-one consultation with a Certified Executor Advisor. Our advisors do not provide legal or accounting advice.

Can Cadence take over my executor duties?

Cadence provides executor assistance but cannot act as the executor for you. Notifications, cancellations and applications still need to be reviewed and signed by the executor or administrator of the estate. The executor or administrator of the estate is also responsible for providing Cadence with the information required by the third-parties you are notifying.

Does Cadence provide legal or accounting advice?

Settling an estate may require additional support from lawyers, financial advisors or accountants. At Cadence, we do not provide legal or accounting advice.

Is my information private and secure?

At Cadence, we take privacy and security very seriously. We have strict measures in place to protect the personal information you share with us from unauthorized access. We adhere to all Canadian privacy regulations. We do not sell your data. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Does Cadence deal with the bank or credit cards?

Banks and credit card companies will not allow us to make changes to accounts. We are also unable to open an estate bank account on your behalf. You can call the number on the back of the credit card to find out what is needed to cancel the card. Contact the bank to make an appointment to deal with the accounts and find out what is needed.  You will likely need to provide a proof-of-death and documents confirming that you are authorized to administer the estate.

Does Cadence help with probate applications?

Cadence does not assist with applications to the court (e.g., letters probate, letters of administration). We will provide you with useful information and resources but we cannot provide legal advice. A lawyer is not always needed for these applications, but they can be a helpful resource. For more information visit our blog on probate.

Can Cadence assist with asset distribution?

Cadence provides tools to help keep estate assets and debts organized but we do not directly assist with asset distributions. Estate lawyers can assist with organizing the assets of the estate and the interim and final distributions. 

What counts as ‘proof of death’?

Proof of death is required to deal with the majority of estate matters. Proof can come in various forms, including the Provincial Death Certificate, Funeral Director’s Statement of Death & Medical Death Certificate. In some cases, an obituary or funeral card may also be accepted as proof of death.

In order to notify most agencies and cancel accounts, a Funeral Director's Statement of Death will be required. It is important to order multiple copies from the funeral director. A Provincial Death Certificate is required to deal with real estate and property transactions, and may be required by some insurance and pension plan companies. A Provincial Death Certificate can be ordered from the vital statistics office of the province where the deceased resided. See our blog on 'Proof of Death' for more information.