Kim Stevenson

Kim has been a licensed realtor in Saskatoon since July of 2010. Kim has worked with a wide array of clients and specializes in helping first time home buyers. 

With a past background of real estate investing, Kim has an excellent knack for seeking out revenue generating properties. Her love of investing first came when she purchased a townhome in 2002. Rather than tackling the mortgage payment herself she gathered three roommates to cover the mortgage and bills. From that point forward she saw the potential in acquiring rental properties and has been doing so ever since while helping others build their own portfolios. Kim has also flipped several properties and has a keen eye for a bargain. She is a patient realtor and will do her best to find you a home you are happy with for years to come. Give her a call today!

Boyes Group Realty Inc.

714 Duchess Street,

Saskatoon, SK,

S7k 0R3