James O'Connell


Financial Advisor

Any successful relationship involves having a high level of trust. I believe the main components of trust are integrity, honesty, competence, communication, and being reliable. 

If at any time any of these components break down, the level of trust will follow suit. I do my very best to live my life in such a way that all four of these components are at a very high level and in return I hope to earn and keep the trust of the people around me.

I believe that success comes through hard work, making good informed decisions, and by regularly reviewing and amending where it may be needed.

To facilitate this as a financial advisor, I want to understand what is important to my clients. I then use an established process to build personalized strategies to help them achieve their goals, and through this, we partner together throughout their lives to help keep them on track.

I grew up on a farm in the Moose Jaw area. In 2004, I went to school in Saskatoon where I met my wife, Kate. We have 4 amazing children who keep us very busy. We moved to Prince Albert in 2015 and are now building our home in the Christopher Lake area where we are so fortunate to be in the forest and near the beautiful lakes. I love the outdoors, whether it be snowmobiling, boating or going for hikes in the forest.

With the place that I live, my beautiful family, the church that I’m able to fellowship in and a job that provides me an opportunity to meet and serve so many neat people - I feel truly blessed!

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