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Design Principles We Share with Funeral Directors

Through research, we’ve learned the lengths funeral directors go to empathize with families and support them where they’re at. In the tech world, there’s a parallel in designing in a way that centers the user experience. In this blog, we look at the design principles we share with funeral homes who have been serving bereaved families much longer than we have.

Five Challenges Facing Funeral Homes

At Cadence, we make it a priority to serve the changing needs of funeral homes and executors. So what have we learned about the challenges facing funeral homes? In this post, we identify five well-founded challenges facing funeral homes – challenges we think Cadence can help you confront.

Why Estate Settlement Matters for Funeral Service Professionals

Funeral service professionals wear many hats, handling transfers and disposition, preparing the deceased, arranging services, and offering emotional support. So why should they care about estate settlement, on top of all that? In this blog post, we explore this type of aftercare and its benefits for funeral homes and families.

The Pros and Cons of Executor Checklists

Most funeral directors have seen or provided some kind of Executor Checklist at some point in their working lives. In this post, we look at the merits and drawbacks of these documents, recognizing their value as helpful starting points for families and executors.