Can I Arrange a Cremation Online?

Guest Post by Marina Morgan
(Eirene Cremations)

Funeral services are changing. For those seeking affordability, control, and simplicity, it's now possible to arrange a cremation online. See how Eirene is creating new options in deathcare.

What is Eirene Cremations?

Eirene (pronounced eye-reen) offers high-quality, affordable cremation and aquamation services. We strive to make the funeral arrangement process easier on families by offering simplicity, flexibility, and compassion in our services.

Why does Eirene Cremations exist?

Eirene was founded on the premise that Canadians deserve a modern and honest approach to funeral services, one that prioritizes their wishes and the needs of their family during a difficult time.

We empower families to take control of their final arrangements and make informed decisions that are free of sales pressure or hidden fees. We provide personalized services to each family and our team of licensed funeral directors are trusted guides throughout the process.

How does your arrangement platform help families?

When someone passes away, you want to be surrounded by your loved ones, mourning the loss. Instead of expecting families to walk into a funeral home, fill out endless paperwork and negotiate on pricing, Eirene comes to you.

We’ve taken the pain-points often associated with funeral planning and try to alleviate a lot of the stress involved for families. We offer a self-serve tool that allows families to make their arrangements online at their own pace or the option to work with a licensed funeral director over the phone every step of the way.

What products and services do you offer?

At Eirene, we offer cremation and aquamation services, as well as the ability to pre-plan your funeral. Our pre-paid services help families plan ahead and reduce the financial and emotional burden for their surviving families.  We also offer a wide range of memorialization products— from urns to jewellery that can be customized to help families honour their loved ones in a meaningful way.  

The most recent addition to Eirene’s products and services is Eirene Memorials, our free online memorial platform. Our memorial website is designed to give families a collaborative space to honour the legacy of their loved ones’ life through photographs and memory sharing.

Do you have complementary resources to support families?

Providing families with additional resources to help them navigate life after loss is integral to our mission. We have thoughtfully curated several guides including our End-of-Life planning checklist, Conversation Guide for Families, a Pre-Planning Workbook, and a number of educational resources on our blog that discuss grief, funeral planning, end-of-life care, and planning ahead. Our additional resources are provided to our families at no additional charge and can be accessed at

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do, and providing our audience and families with free resources helps ensure they feel empowered to make end-of-life decisions that are best for them, and the deceased.

What is your long-term mission?

Our long-term mission is actually quite simple— to help families navigate the complexities of deathcare by introducing transparency, compassion, and affordability to funeral services. During the most difficult time of your life, Eirene can be your trusted companion and guide.

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