How to Handle Vehicles After a Death

Following a death, it is common to be unsure where to start. With limited resources on how to handle a vehicle following a death, this blog aims to aid in the process.

Before driving any of the deceased’s vehicles, call the insurance company to notify them of the death. During this call, update any policies to ensure coverage for yourself, a surviving spouse, or the beneficiaries.

Cadence can help complete cancellation letters to vehicle insurance companies. It is important to know most insurance companies will need proof of death and a copy of the valid Will or Letter of Administration. 

In Saskatchewan, SGI is the licence and insurance provider for all vehicles. In other provinces in Canada, the licences and plates will be issued through the province, and insurance is typically purchased through third-party providers. The information below covers the process for vehicles registered and licenced in Saskatchewan. 

Driver’s Licence and Plates In Saskatchewan

To handle the deceased's driver's licence and plates, SGI will need a signed letter requesting the driver’s licence be cancelled, or you can visit a licence issuer in person. Along with the letter, you will need to include one of the following documents:

  • A copy of the death certificate
  • Funeral directors' proof of death
  • A letter from a lawyer
  • A signed letter from the executor along with a copy of the death certificate or funeral director’s proof of death

Following this letter, SGI may issue a refund for auto-drawn payments. If there is a refund, it will be sent to the last mailing address on file or the forwarding address provided. Vehicle plates will need to be returned to SGI and cancelled once the vehicle is no longer needed. Cadence can help you complete this letter to SGI and the following processes.

Transfer of Ownership In Saskatchewan

If you are wanting to maintain the vehicle, transfer of ownership is another option. To complete this process you need to be the executor or administrator of the estate. SGI will need all of the following documents to transfer ownership of the vehicle:

  • Saskatchewan Certificate of Registration, with the Transfer of Ownership filled out (this can be found in the 3rd section of the registration).
  • A copy of the Will naming you as the executor, or Letter of Administration.
  • Proof of Death.

Once the vehicle is transferred, you will need to cancel any additional insurance plans. This process will be the same as changing coverage on the vehicle.

Leased Vehicles

You will need to contact the car dealership where the lease is held, and they can help you with the next steps. Cadence can help you complete a letter to the car dealership(s) and with the following process.

Settling an estate is a process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. Cadence Executor Assistance Services aims to give you back time to grieve by streamlining the estate administration process.

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